Adventure Awaits

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to finally have a day to do nothing. Oh wait…I don’t know how to do that. Well, maybe I just haven’t perfected it, yet.

At the beginning of 2019, I heard the new thing was to select a “word” of the year. I’m kind of a follower so I jumped on board. I choose the word “available”. Most mornings I woke up and said “Ok God, I’m available for whatever you need me to do today.”

I got to do some really cool things….

In January, I got to tell my story to a bunch of college kids at a beautiful event. I went in hopes of inspiring them but it turned out they were the ones that inspired me.

In February, I started studying to be a life coach. I was looking to learn how to help others find themselves and ended up finding myself in the process.

In March, I was asked to speak at a women’s prayer breakfast. While preparing what I would say, I discovered that preparation was really that simple. Prepare little and pray lots.

In April, my oldest son turned 16. I learned that he’s so much taller than me now. Also, I really don’t know how to drive properly and I’m more comfortable with him behind the wheel than myself.

In May, my new friend Carrie and I started a weekly radio show. I learned that two things will get you through any kind of day … coffee and scripture. Oh, and good friends help too;)

In June, my Aiden turned 10. I learned that he can still fit on my lap and I could still squeeze his cheeks and be silly with him. I learned that my baby is growing up and I don’t want to miss one minute of it.

In July, my Ben completed one of the most difficult things he has done in his life. I learned that you are never to old to start new adventures.

In August, Ben and I took a much needed trip by ourselves and discovered the magic we find each time we take a moment to shut out the rest of the world.

In September, three wise women and I started a much needed cancer support group, Courage and Cancer. Again, it was to help others but turned out that the four of us needed it just as much as the others.

In October, I lost my light. I became tired and uninspired and learned that it’s ok. It’s during those times that you become deeply rooted in your faith.

In November, I got to present at the Annual Thanksgiving Concert of Praise. Again, I was blessed by others. Unbelievable talent right here in our own Indiana County.

In December, wow, so much. I got to shop for others, attend parties with friends, decorate, make gingerbread houses, send cards. We went away skiing with three other families, we stayed in a house together and I was reminded that communities of friends can help get you through anything in life.

We’ve been blessed.

Don’t get me wrong. Everyday wasn’t as exciting as the things I’ve mentioned above. There were days I slept in, missed a meeting, forgot an appointment. Days I missed a turn, multiple times and circled the block too many times to count. But each time, ok well most times (I’m not perfect), each time I remember, I say “Ok God, what is it you want to show me? I’m available for whatever it is.”

And…when I allow myself to become available, something magical happens. Life becomes this huge adventure.

So for 2020 I’m picking a new “phrase”. Adventure Awaits.

Yep, I’m available for whatever adventure awaits.

I hope you’ll join me.


    1. Jan, I like your word. And I like Natalie’s too. I love the whole concept of focusing your day, month, and ultimately your year around one word. For me, if I may, I would like to challenge each day as a “seeker”. That will be my word for 2020. Seeker.


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