Listen Carefully, and then Pray for the Right Words

I had several missed calls from my Mom last week. She must have had something really important to tell me. She rarely leaves me a voicemail. Instead she calls my sister Denise to see where I’m at. When Denise tells her she doesn’t know, she calls me again and again and then tells me I never answer my phone. lol

I finally called her back. She said the church I grew up in asked if I would speak in a few Sunday’s. Without hesitation, I agreed.

She told me I had to be sure. They had to know now. I couldn’t back out if I said yes.

I have learned over the past few years that when God gives me an opportunity to share, I share.

I spent most of my life sitting around waiting to feel good enough. I didn’t feel anyone wanted to listen. I didn’t have the courage to speak what was on my heart.

What if they laughed?

What if I sounded stupid?

What if I messed up?

Or worse yet, what if I tripped?

I’ve learned that none of that matters anymore. If any of those things did happen… then all the better. Then someone else who was feeling the same way would breathe a sign of relief. Maybe they would tell themselves “I could do better”. Maybe they would find strength to share their pain, their triumphs, their stories. Maybe they would see the light.

I don’t know what I’ll say. I never do. I prepare briefly and pray God will give me the right words and I won’t try and orchestrate the events in my head. When I try to predict it, I always fall short. Instead, I give it to God. “I’m available for whatever you have for me today, if I look stupid then I will learn something from it.”

I just show up, somewhat prepared and somewhat humbled and somewhat flawed.

But perfectly blessed.


Join us this coming Sunday at 11am, Trinity Presbyterian Church … Clarksburg. Come and hear what God is doing in my life and hopefully see what he is doing in yours too!

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