My First Signing 📚


I woke up early.  I was eager to use the new Bible that I had purchased just the day before.  I had been using one of the boy’s Adventure Bibles for the last six months.  You know the one that has pictures and explains every little thing.  Since I had just started using a Bible, I felt it was appropriate that I had been using a child’s version.  I was, after all, just a beginner.

My new friend Jan Woodard had given me her son’s beautiful leather Bible at church a few weeks ago.  He had plenty of others and wanted her to give this particular one away.  She chose me.  I was honored and thought that it would be my new forever Bible but when Josh saw it he decided that it would be his.  I don’t want to steal a Bible from a 15-year-old.  So, I was Bible-less again.

I had stopped at Ollie’s and was amazed that I never noticed how many they had to choose from.  I saw all kinds of colors and types but nothing that I wanted to call my own.  Then, out of nowhere, all by itself…my new friend.  It’s cream cover with blue and green flowers caught my attention.  It would match my living room, lol.  At first, I thought it was just a book that had been placed in the wrong section.  I cried as I removed the pale blue elastic strap and opened it up. It was a writer’s version.  It has lines on every single page for journaling.  There were no other ones like it. There was no price tag.  They couldn’t even find it in the register. Did God put it there just for me?  Did he give me this special gift the day before my very first book signing?

For those of you who are Harry Potter fans…”the wand chooses the wizard Harry” not the other way around.  Anyway, I couldn’t wait to use it.  How cool is it that the first day I ever used it was the first day of our book signing?  I say “our” because I can’t take all of the credit.

Even though some people would have perceived the day ahead of me as stressful, I was calm. I had peace and enjoyed every second of the preparation.  If you have read my book I talk a lot about God and the Holy Spirit but there is not one mention of Jesus.  I didn’t know him at all at the time.  I actually just met him a few weeks ago.  It was pretty cool, but that story is for another time.  I asked Jesus to be my mentor this day.  I’m guessing the peace I was feeling had something to do with him.  It was a beautiful, perfect, sunny day.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Ben had made me breakfast and helped…okay…did most of the last-minute items on my list while I supervised.  We packed the car and I put on my sunshine yellow dress from my good friend Tonya.  She was sad she was away on vacation this day and it felt like she was with me because of what I was wearing.  Also, it matched the color of the flower on my book.

I wanted to stop and tell Ben that we should be grateful.  He was loving his rotations and I was about to release to all of my friends and family, my personal journey of finding God.  We were…are….blessed.  I chickened out and only told him this in my mind.

We arrived in the back-parking lot of The Artist Hand.  I became excited when I walked into the Gallery.  I quickly forgot I had asked Jesus to guide me and went into my “take control” mode.  The beautiful artwork took my breath away as it always does.  I feel at home in this place.

We picked a long, narrow wooden table by the front window to display the book I had created with God.  “Don’t call me BRAVE – I was not alone” books were creatively displayed in a beautiful colored box of orange, yellow and pink flowers. An enlarged cover of the book was displayed in a clear frame trimmed with white wood.  Homemade button flowered bookmarks were arranged in a clear vase with a yellow ribbon tied around it.  Next to it was a stack of traditional bookmarks that Ben had made me.

Ben sat on one end to take the payments.  I sat on the other to sign a personal message to each person who took the time out of their busy life to support me.  I remembered to ask Jesus to sit between us.

I hugged every person that I knew who came through the line.  I enjoyed every single second of it.  I made sure I took in every detail…or maybe my mentor had me do it. My friend Sarah from church came through and squeezed an extra-long hug like she always does.  She whispered to me “you seem so calm”. I agreed and whispered back “I’m pretending Jesus is sitting beside me”.  She laughed, and replied “he is honey”. We hugged one last time as I smiled.

The line was steady most of the day. Like human nature, I became wrapped up in the fame and forgot about the two guys sitting next to me.  Even though I forgot, it was still a perfect day.  God was giving me grace.

We cleaned up and took all of our belongings back to the car.  Ben and I decided to walk up the street to have lunch outside.  He held my hand and I felt a twinge of guilt that I hadn’t talked to him more during my joyful day.  We sat down in the beautiful sunshine.  I asked Jesus to join us once again.  Ben grabbed my hand.  As he rubbed his thumb along the back of my hand I knew that he had given me grace as well.

Thanks to everyone that came to support me.  It really was a special day. 🌺


  1. Awesome! is the only word that comes to me. I am so excited you have now met Jesus. He is the best! Ben is a super hero! LOL!


  2. Hi Natalie, We are friends of Aunt Evelyn, and Uncle Rodney, having known them for almost 50 years. I ordered your book, and read it in 2 days! I am so thankful you were able to write about having defeated cancer, and even more thankful to see you found Jesus in this journey. Martha

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