I’d Like to Think..💕

boysI’d like to think…

I skipped my post for a reason this week. A young mother in our community passed away and I had no words.

I’d liked to think the two boys in this picture will never experience the pain this woman’s three children must be feeling right now.

I’d like to think each husband who has heard the news grabs his wife a little tighter each night.

I’d like to think each child who has heard the news knows what a gift it is to grow up with their mother each day.

I’d like to think each parent who heard the news puts a little less pressure on their children and laughs with them a little more.

I’d like to think each woman who has heard of her passing takes the time to reach out to her closest friends while she still can.

I’d like to think this woman’s children will feel their mother with them each and every day. I’d like to think that when they step outside and feel the wind or the rain or the sun, they know she’s right there watching over them.

I’d like to think these children will end up like another family I know, who lost their mother at a young age. I’d like to think their faith will get them through this and they will be an inspiration to others because of it.

I’d like to think her passing reminds us all of how precious life can be.

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