Are you a Mary or a Martha❓

mary or marthaEaster Sunday I was labeling all the woman at the table Mary or Martha. You know the story of when Jesus came to visit. Martha went around like a crazy person trying to handle all the preparations while Mary sat and talked with Jesus. My sister Sandy is 100% Martha. She is always taking care of things. My sister Denise is 100% Mary. She is always there to chat.

Yesterday, my family was in a bit of a pickle. Actually, it was a hot mess! I told my Mother of my predicament. At eighty years young, she isn’t able to be the Martha that she used to be. She cried and said she wished she could help. She then grabbed my hand and said she would do all that she could. She then took my hand and prayed for me. I’m not sure when it happened but she turned into Mary right in front of my eyes.

Energized by my mother’s prayer, I called for reinforcement.  My best friend Samantha is a good mix of Mary and Martha and brought her daughter Morgan to help. I’m still trying to figure out who Morgan is. I’m thinking she is a little of both just like her mother:) My three boys jumped in too and turned into hard working Martha’s as well.

The eight of us worked many hours in the role of Martha. When we sat down to eat late in the evening, all of a sudden we were all Mary’s.

So what I’ve learned this past week is that neither one is better than the other. They are both equally precious. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by all the Mary and Martha’s in my life.

Have a great week, whoever you are at the moment.

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