Joshua – Happy 17th Birthday

To my “kid in a candy shop” on his 17th birthday…

This is your favorite place to visit during our annual trips to Aunt Peggy’s in South Carolina. I love the pure joy you have when we visit this store. You fill your bag way too full and eat it way too fast. I allow it. I even laugh because it’s the one week a year when there are no rules. We watch movies, stay up late, eat junk food, ice cream, candy and drink Pepsi. We allow ourselves to be happy. It’s a freedom of sorts.

I hope the coronavirus hasn’t impacted this store bud, but I know too well that it probably has. There are a lot of people suffering right now. It’s hard to know the extent as we sit protected in the comfort of our own home with the people we love.

It has been a big year for you. You started driving. An independence I felt you were more than ready for but yet you didn’t take to the freedom like most kids your age. You didn’t ask for the car, in fact, I had to tell you to take it on multiple occasions. Maybe you were embarrassed of the bright orange. 🤪

When did that happen? When did you grow up? Selfishly, I am blessed that this virus is keeping you safe at home with us for a little longer. Although you spend a majority of your time in your room, I know your safe. I enjoy your quick trips to the kitchen even though the headphones in your ears don’t allow you to hear my “hola, como estas?” I appreciate you pulling one earbud out to say “huh?”, smile and head back to your room with your snacks.

I’m sorry you didn’t get to play sports this spring bud. I know that’s your passion. I saw the anger when I told you the Edinboro tounament was cancelled. It hurt me too. I pray that your senior year isn’t missed as well. If it is, it will be okay.

I’ve been thinking about that freedom we feel when we are in South Carolina. It is so important, to do what makes you happy. You will be making big decisions in the next year. What college, what field, what town. I want you to carefully consider all of it. Don’t do anything your not passionate about. Don’t chose something because of the fear of what others will think. Do what makes Joshua happy. It’s a short life. Choose well.

Right now it feels like we are prisoners Josh. We are being told what and what not to do. We don’t know what tomorrow will look like. We don’t know when our freedom will return. We don’t know if our loved ones will be here tomorrow or what other tragedy may be ahead of is. That has never really changed. We are all just being forced to go through it together right now. I’ll tell you right now that that is the only way you can get through things. Together. Find your community that supports you bud and you will be able to withstand anything.

Even though you are safe in our house right now I pray for you every day. Sometimes I even pray for the people you will be with when I’m not there to protect you. I hope you feel it. I hope you feel it and do the same for others. Do that and you will live a blessed life.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Love you so much and just so you know, this isn’t permission to eat all the candy you want. 😉

Mom 💕


  1. Have a Happy Birthday Josh. I suspect you rolled your eye’s when reading what your mother said, any 17 year old would do the same. Stay the kid in the candy shop for as long as you can. Life is short, kick the ball ahead. An orange car is cool!


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