Mother’s Day 2019

If I told you this picture was taken on Mother’s Day, you would have no reason to doubt me. If I told you I was showered with love and gifts, perhaps you would believe that too.

You shouldn’t.

This picture was taken a few weeks before. This day, the boys were getting along. This day, we ate good food and saw the new Avengers movie as a family. This day, was a nearly perfect day.

Mother’s Day … not so much.

I woke up to a dreary grey sky. I was tired and my legs felt swollen from eating too much salt the night before. I knew the day would be spent outside at soccer games in the rain. I wanted sunshine.

I eventually went downstairs to find Ben making an omelet. Although he never tells me “Happy Mother’s Day”, I knew instantly this was his way of saying it.

When we first had Josh I was upset that he didn’t make a big deal over me. I forgot that his own mother passed away this same weekend when he was only 18 years old.

If I could only go back.

I enjoyed every single bite of my omelet while I silently prayed that his pain he must still be feeling didn’t consume his day. I know she must be so proud of him and although he can’t spend the day with her, she gets to spend every minute with him.

Mother’s Day needs to be renamed “Soccer Day” in our house. I can’t remember the last time we didn’t spend it on the soccer fields. Since Aiden has finally reached the age to travel, its the first year we had to split up as a family.

Ben stayed in town with Aiden since he had homework to catch up on. Aiden assured me it was okay and that I should spend the day with Josh because he was only going to have a few more years left. Aiden then told me I wouldn’t have to choose anymore…I’d have him all to myself. He is wise beyond his years.

Josh and I were to head to Pittsburgh alone. It was to be a long day. We had to leave at 10 and wouldn’t get back until late evening. Josh was worried I would make him late.

He was right to worry.

I didn’t want to skip church. I told myself that I would just go to the 9 am service and I would make it back in plenty of time to leave at 10.

Nope…I missed church and we didn’t leave the house until 10:10. As we were pulling out of the driveway, I told Josh to see what time we were to be there. He said “12:30, we have plenty of time. Dad must have told us earlier so we wouldn’t be late.” We both agreed that was a smart move.

We carried on an laughed for about an hour before I turned on my GPS. Oh no, we missed a turn and it was now saying we weren’t going to arrive until 12. We figured that would be fine because it would still put him there in time for warm ups.

Josh checked the start time once again. “What the crap?! The game starts at 12, not 12:30 Mom!”




I tell him “it is what it is, text the coach and let him know.” I then say “it happened for a reason, I don’t know what that reason is but we can’t change time.” I suggest we pray the game start later.

Josh says “I’m praying for lighting…they have to postpone the game 30 minutes for lightning!”

I laugh and say “the skies are grey but bright and…it’s not even raining, I’m guessing you aren’t going to get lighting.”

He declares he’s going to try anyway. He says “you never know, it can happen!”

I explain that if you don’t believe with all your might then its not praying with confidence.

He says its worth a try and maybe it will happen.

I challenge that his “maybe” does’t sound like “total belief”.



We go back to the GPS so we don’t miss another turn. The game was to start 5 minutes ago and we pull into a parking lot full of black shirts.

They game hadn’t started?!!

Did lighting strike? Nope. Josh jumps out of the car to see what’s going on. He’s back within minutes. The fields were too wet. They are moving the game to an indoor location.




“What the heck just happened Mom?”

“Well you got your lighting…just in a different form!”

My Mother’s Day didn’t look like the commercials on TV. No flowers, no cards, no picture perfect memories. Just a ride with a boy that I’ll treasure forever and a little strike of something much bigger than “lighting”. 😉

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  1. Sometimes we spend so much time going around the storm we forget to have fun. When a day with “lighting” can be…priceless!


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