My First Life Coach Class

My First Life Coach Class

I had read ahead when the book arrived last week. I think it’s the only textbook that I have ever been excited about buying. I read every word of the introduction. (I usually skip this section in most books). But not this one…I felt like this one was written for me.

I knew that God had led me in the right direction. I couldn’t wait to get started. Last Monday was my first class. I was to call in and seven others would join me as we listened in.

I excitedly went upstairs early to ensure I wouldn’t be late. I sat on my bed. I put the course catalog on my iPad. Brought up the student library on the laptop and had the course intro email on my phone. I wanted to be sure I was prepared.

Two minutes before the class was to start, I saw a login for a website. Crap! Was I supposed to login? I panicked and ran downstairs to get Ben’s opinion. Should I sign in to that as well? He asked if I could wait until he finished going to the bathroom. Opps…sorry!

I ran back upstairs and yelled over my shoulder that I’d figure it out myself.

My palms were sweaty and my heart was beating fast.


I didn’t know these people. They were from different states and I’d probably never see any of them in person. I forgot all of the growing up I had done over the past five years and was just plain scared.

The instructor welcomed us and told us a bit of how the class was to work. My heart was still beating strongly and, as I listened, I tried to figure out what I was doing in this class.

Did I do the right thing? Could I really make this my job? Did I want to charge people for this?


He told us he would start each class with prayer and a scripture. Oh yeah, that’s why I was here. God lead me to it.

He told us his story. How he had got into coaching. How he was at the lowest point in his life when he found God….sounded familiar. 🤔

He then asked us to tell our stories. I looked at the clock. The old accountant in me did the math and knew that 20 minutes wasn’t enough time for 8 people to tell their “come to Jesus” story.

I wasn’t going first. I could easily talk for an hour about how God has lead me to this new adventure. I didn’t think I could fit mine in 2.5 minutes.

Each person told their story. All very different but all very much the same. I heard a lot of looking for passion, a lot of God led them to it.

I felt goosebumps as a few of them spoke. I noted it in my notebook. I would be sure to tell them at some point. I also jotted something that I could relate with by each their names. As usual, it wasn’t hard for me to find something about each of them. I love meeting new people.

I tried to remove my phone off mute a couple times but someone always spoke up before I could find the button. I was going to be last….super sweaty now. We were well over the ending time at this point. Maybe they would wait to hear my story next week.

No such luck. The instructor called my name. “Natalie…are you there?”

Should I hang up?

I found my courage. I told my story. I told them my beautiful story.

I told them that I could be the class guinea pig. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. They all had clearly defined visions. I was just here by a leap of faith.

I guess that’s the point right?

Being prepared for an opportunity that God presents to me. I’ll do the work, pray and wait to see where He leads me.

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