Can You See The sign? Cross ✝️


My book release is getting close. I’m sitting in my living room looking at the blown up cover that Ben framed for me last week. I can’t believe how pleased I am with it. My heart hurts just a little when I look at it.

When I tell someone I finally finished the book, they congratulate me and ask me what it’s about. It’s strange but I have a hard time explaining it. I immediately become excited to share my story with them, but I have trouble putting my finger on the one thing it’s about. So like I always do…I’ll use way too many words to try and describe it to you.

The cover is plain white. I wanted it to feel clean and pure. I was feeling something on an entirely different level when I wrote it. I am at peace when I think about this book, when I close my eyes all I can see is white.

There is a simple yellow flower on it. Yellow is the color of happiness and I wanted the cover to reflect just that.

There are four petals on the flower. These words are above each petal.

“My Husband”
“Friends and Family”
“The Holy Spirit”
“Random Angels”

I couldn’t have gotten through the last five years without them.

There is a faint shadow of the cancer symbol that the flower is casting. It is not prominent but it had to be there. Without the cancer, I wouldn’t have had this amazing experience.

My good friend Elaine Meyers described my book as this…A beautiful love story. A love story between me and Ben, between me and my children and between me and God. She told me that it didn’t dwell on the cancer but showed how God works in our lives through the process of cancer and the challenges associated with it. She told me the story was like a puzzle. The pieces are placed in position by traveling through a maize with God’s guidance to find the placement of each piece. She also told me that women will easily relate to the insecurities, successes, relationships and challenges. I hope she was right.

On the back of the book is this picture of me. Throughout the book you will read about signs that God had placed for me. See if you can find the sign in this picture?

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