B(Arbor) Day 🌳


🌳B(Arbor) Day

I have this friend. I have this very tall friend. She is goofy. She is kind. She likes plants. She has a strange laugh. I lOVE her laugh. Mostly because she thinks I am funny. When you find someone that thinks your funny you keep them as one of your close friends forever. 

I met Barb during our son’s kindergarten registration. I didn’t know any of the other mothers and when I saw Barb she smiled her kind smile and told me her family’s story. She listened as I told her our’s. We sat as we waited for our children to be done. Waiting with someone when your getting ready to send your first baby off to school for the first time is comforting.

Over the past ten years Barb has become one of my closest friends. We both talk nonstop when we see each other and laugh the entire time. After all of these years she is still goofy and kind and laughs at my stupid jokes.

I’m going to celebrate Barb today. The reason she likes plants so much is that she is a landscape architect. Just last night she past her Arborist Exam and is now a certified arborist!

Happy B(arbor) Day 

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