Special Delivery 📦

The mailman stopped his truck outside of my house today. I was home for a quick lunch. I was so excited. It felt like Christmas. The little girl inside me hoped something was for me even though I knew it wasn’t possible. I had ordered most of the kids presents online just a few days ago. The realist in me reminded me that they were for the kids. I smiled knowing that they would be excited Christmas morning and I would be even more excited watching them.

I took the packages upstairs and laid them on my bed before going back to work.

I got out a little late today. I ran upstairs to change before I started dinner.

I saw the packages placed on my bed. I thought it was cool that the boxes were different colors. One even had the Grinch on it. I decided to feel the small one on top. It was in a small white bubble wrapped envelope. I couldn’t remember ordering anything that small.

I squeezed it and tried to guess which one it was. My memory is getting so bad,  I had only ordered four things. How could I not remember? I thought about how hungry I was but decided I couldn’t wait. I ripped open the package and found a small square box.

On the front were the words “write your happy”. I still couldn’t remember what it might be. I thought maybe it was a book that I had bought for a girl at work. Nope…I had bought that at TJ Maxx and besides, it wasn’t that small.

I panicked a bit that it was a neighbor’s package. I flipped the envelope over and saw my name on the front. Hmm…I looked at the return address. Ohio? Looks like Amazon shipped directly from the vendor. I feel like a detective now.

I open the box and see this beautiful bracelet inside. I told myself that my sister-in-law had shipped a present for my niece to our house and forgot to tell me. I decided to be nosy and pull it out of the cellophane. It was beautiful. I went as far as putting it on my wrist. Ugh…I wished it was for me. I’d have to ask her where she got it from.

The card the bracelet was on said this…

“Engraved especially for you. I’m your key to unlocking memories, to celebrate life. Your reminder to never forget what matters to you. I’m a way to tell your story. Happily yours.”

I held back a tear. This was a cool gift. I saw that it had something engraved on it. It took my breath away when I saw the words. “Inviting Balance”. It was for me? I started to cry. It’s the name of my website. Somebody understands how important those words are to me…someone besides me.

I felt so special. I looked inside the package. I must have missed the card of who it was from. Nope. No card. I cried harder. I put the other packages in the closet and sat down on the floor and cried some more. I am so blessed.

I don’t know who sent me this thoughtful gift that I will treasure forever. Part of me wanted to do a post to see if I could find out who it was from. Part of me doesn’t want to know. I love the fact that someone is so selfless that they don’t need to take the credit.

I’ve decided I need to be more like this giver.

I thought of something I did after lunch today. I heard a voice inside my head tell me to take one of my books to a woman I have never met. I walk past her office each day on my way to work. I occasionally waive when my hands aren’t too full or I’m not in too big of hurry.

I walked into her office for the first time today. She said “Hi” like we were old friends. I told her I brought her something and she looked confused. I told her a voice in my head thought she should have it. She thanked me and asked my name. She looked at the book and said, “you wrote this?”

She asked if I would sign it for her. As I wrote her a message she told me how she had watched me from a distance for the past five years. She would see me walk by her window each day. She watched my hair fall out. She watched it grow back in and get longer.  She saw me gain some weight so figured I must be healthy again. Wow! You never know who is watching. I felt even more blessed. People who didn’t even know me were rooting for me.

This random act of kindness that came in the mail today had a big impact on me. I seem put together most days but this gift still felt good. Can you imagine how it would have made someone who was having a really hard time feel? It is so important to be kind to others.

I want to make people feel this way more often. Thank you to whoever took the time to send this to me and more importantly … thank you for noticing me. 💕

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